Barron's Best Performing 2014 Picks

Every week we highlight the best of Barron's stock picks.  This weekend we review their best 2014 stock picks YTD. Out of all of them these 4 stock recommendations are the best Barron's has to offer.

Here are the tickers: PSX, BX, BGFV, BRKB

Since their recommendation all of these stocks are positive.  Phillps 66 (PSX) and Blackstone Group (BX) has gained 5% since Barron's said "Buy".  Big 5 (BGFV) has gained 1% and Berkshire has gained 3% as well. You can always view Barron's recommendations and their recommendation date at the following link (go to YTD they are all winning except for Big 5 Sporting Goods (BGFV).  BGFV is down almost 18% in 2014.  Here's a look at the stock prices for the 4 in question:

  Company name Price Change Chg % d | m | y Mkt Cap
PSX Phillips 66 78.69 +0.55 0.70% 47.18B
BX The Blackstone Gr... 32.94 -0.47 -1.41% 19.04B
BGFV Big 5 Sporting Go... 15.27 +0.12 0.79% 340.61M
BRK.B Berkshire Hathawa... 122.51 -1.10 -0.89%

We've pimped PSX many times on this website. It is our go to stock for oil and gasoline.  They are the best value for your buck.  With summer driving season approaching, getting long a little PSX is a good idea.

These are no brainers.  Blackstone bought up (and continues to buy) U.S. houses since the decline in 2008.  They are America's landlord.  It's a win/win for investors.  BRK.A is like buying the S&P 500 plus a few percentage points higher.  I like putting my money with the best investor in the world -- Warren Buffett.

Wildcard BGFV
The cheapest share price of the 4 and touted by Barrons.  They have great stores and it's credible this stock could return to greatness.  On March 5th Barron's article:

The retailer's stock has fallen hard since last summer. However, shares are poised to rise by 25%.

The average analyst target price is $17.33, $2 above where it currently stands.  

Big 5 had a great earnings call and it's guidance didn't impress Wall Street back in Feb. Thus shares dropped.  However we agree with on this one:
Big Five Sporting Goods is a very attractive business on a valuation level. At 11.5 times forward expected earnings, Big Five is well under Dick's Sporting Goods, which trades at 17.5 times earnings, in addition to Hibbett Sports' near 20 times forward earnings. Big Five is, by a long shot, the smallest player of the three and has a substantial growth runway -- adding more fuel to the bullish story.

Investors should not worry about the near-term softness here, as Big Five is set to resume its growth in the long run. source: